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Holbury Suite 1200



The Holbury Suite is an open-fronted LED fire that comes standard with Deluxe Real Logs. Choose between either a grey or white MDF marble-effect finish and enjoy the award-winning flame-effects and other great features such as: downlighting, different fuelbed colours, and scheduled/timed heating, all with a touch of a button.


Size Differences

Holbury 870

A 845.0mm

B 1050.0mm

C 322.5mm

D 509.0mm

E 797.0mm

F 309.0mm

G 845.0mm

H 292.5mm

I 30.0mm

J1 24.0mm

J2 35.0mm

K 465.0mm

Holbury 1200

A 1178.0mm

B 1440.0mm

C 322.5mm

D 628.0mm

E 1127.0mm

F 403.0

G 1175.0mm

H 292.5mm

I 30.0mm

J1 24.0mm

J2 35.0mm

K 565.0mm

Holbury 1600

A 1578.0mm

B 1840.0mm

C 322.5mm

D 628.0mm

E 1527.0mm

F 403.0mm

G 1575.0mm

H 292.5mm

I 30.0mm

J1 24.0mm

J2 35.0mm

K 565.0mm



Heat Output:


Supply Voltage:

220-240V AC

Rating Power:


Fuse Rating:

13 Amp





  • 3-pin plug included
  • Full-inset installation with MDF suite
  • Deluxe Real Logs
  • UKCA & CE certified
  • Remote Control Included


Installation To Suit You

Open Front Design

A first-in British Fires design is the glass free, open front, design.

Front Facing

The fire is fully recessed with the MDF Suite simply put in place inside and around the firebox. The front is open and glass-free creating a unique and more lifelike fire pit experience


Air Curtain Technology

  • The fan draws cool air from the room in and down the sides of the fireplace.
  • Distributes heat back into the room through the unique heater outlets.
  • Designed and engineered to distribute heat effectively throughout a space.


Air Curtain Technology

The patented engineering design not only commands performance but is designed to distribute heat effectively throughout a space.

Remote Control

Every New Forest electric fireplace is equipped with a remote control that bridges the connection between you and your ideal ambiance.

Installation Versatility

Installation options include 3-sided, corner or flush designs that provide full design flexibility no matter what kind of space. 

Lighting Effects

Cycle through three fire bed colors that each provide a unique style or use the cycle setting to flow through all available options.

Flame Control

Choose from the four settings to adjust the brightness of the flame to suit your mood or adjust the height of the flame. 

Thermostatic Heating

Choose a temperature between 17° and 27°C and the fire will do the work to heat the room up effectively. 



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