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Charnwood Aire 7



Product Description

Perfectly designed for the modern home, the British made Charnwood Aire 7 is one stunning wood heater, with exceptional heating capacity, beautiful British steel exterior and a flame pattern that will draw the gaze of everyone in the room.

The Aire 7 has a brilliant heat output of up to 130m², ideal for heating a medium sized home. This warmth is perfect without overheating and is expelled from the heater from the radiant sides, giving you a soft warmth from three sides of the heater, not just the front. It’s not all hot though, with the handle and air control cool to touch, allowing you to operate your Charnwood Aire 3 with ease. The 10mm steel cooktop on top of the firebox is perfect for boiling a kettle or simmering a soup. This heater also has the option for either top or rear flue. This allows you to have a clean rear flue look (with a wall penetration install) or a more traditional vertical flue.

The large viewing glass of the Aire 7 is gorgeous, providing a clear look at the enigmatic flames. The inside the firebox is fully vermiculite lined, regulating the heat to the radiant sides, and keeping the heat in after the fire has gone out. Although its no good belting out all this heat to lose it again, which is what happens when you install the heater with a traditional air-cooled flue. 8% of the heat your heater makes is lost through the gaps in the flue. This is where Pivot’s Insulated Room Sealed Flue Kit comes in. It traps the heat in the room by sealing the ceiling, keeping the warmth in your room. The Aire 7 has the option to include an Outside Air Intake, allowing you to run fresh air into your Aire 7 without drawing from the room, perfect for modern homes or older homes to avoid a draught.

With its clean lines, unbelievable viewing glass and awesome 10mm steel cooktop, the Charnwood Aire 7 is a brilliant heater, ideal for the home that really wants to see, and feel, their fire.

 Specs and Dimension





Heating Capacity



600mm x 535mm x 428mm

Rear clearance to combustible


Side clearance to combustible


Corner clearance to combustible


Clearance to non-combustible


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