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Lanes BBQ Sauce | Pow Pow




Lane’s BBQ “POW POW” sauce can be used as a marinade, glaze, or sauce to amp up your meal with an Asian-inspired flavour. Slightly sweet, savoury, and impossible to put down. Combine with Q-Name and set a course for goodness.

Pow Pow Goes Great With:

Chicken Wings




Idea’s to use me on

POW POW Chicken Stir Fry:

POW POW sauce can turn a simple chicken stir fry into an exciting weeknight dinner. Sauté your favourite veggies and chicken, then stir in POW POW sauce and serve over steamed rice.

POW POW Glazed Salmon:

Give your salmon fillet an Asian twist. Before baking or grilling your salmon, brush on a generous layer of POW POW sauce. The sauce caramelises on the fish, giving it a sweet, savoury, and tangy crust.

POW POW Pork Chops:

Marinate your pork chops in POW POW sauce for a few hours then grill or bake. The savoury sauce adds an Asian-inspired flavour profile that pairs perfectly with pork.

Teriyaki Steak Kebabs:

These skewers pack an explosion of flavour thanks to POW POW. Marinate chunks of steak in POW POW sauce for a couple of hours, then thread onto skewers with your favourite veggies. Grill till cooked to your liking.

Pow Pow Shotgun Shells:

Give your favourite stuffed jalapeños recipe a POW POW kick. Prep your jalapeños and stuff them as you usually would. Before baking, give them a generous brush of POW POW sauce. This gives an Asian-inspired flavour that takes these classic appetisers to the next level.


Tamari Soy Sauce (Water, Soybeans, Salt, Sugar), Water, Brown Sugar, Apple Cider Vinegar [distilled vinegar, apple, water], Dried Garlic, Pineapple Juice Concentrate, Ginger, Xanthan Gum.

Contains: Soy

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